Artists / Ambrose Hallen

(1886 – 1943)


Hallen was the great–grandson of the explorer Lieut.William Lawson. As  a nineteen year old he left Australia to study art in Paris. Here he became associated with the Ecole De Paris and became friendly with Modigiliani, Kisling, Soutaine and others. He joined a colony of artists on Belle Isle, the home of John Peter Russell, where he converted an old mill into his studio. In the late 1930s he returned to Australia, living for a time in Sydney before relocating to Victoria.


In 1938 he exhibited at the Riddell Gallery Melbourne. His work with its Matisse like touch was ahead of its time for Melbourne audiences. He commenced teaching art and became associated with the artists group at the Pink Hotel in Darebin. These artists included the modernists Lina Bryans, Ada Plante, William Frater and Ian Fairweather.


He was virtually unknown when he died on Box Hill Station in 1943.

His work is represented at the National Gallery of Victoria.


The French Doorway 1930 by Ambrose Hallen

The French Doorway

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Sailing 1930 by Ambrose Hallen


oil on canvas

50 x 35 cm

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