Artists / Bernard Hesling OAM

(1905 – 1987)

Hesling was a painter, cartoonist and author. He migrated from England to Australia in 1928. Although he had no formal training he started painting after meeting Leger, Vlaminck, Marie Laurencin and other leading French painters while working in Paris as a house painter and marbler.  In 1929 he held an exhibition of his abstracts paintings in Sydney. From 1933-1938 he was the advertising director at the Elstree studios, Sydney. Hesling’s cartoons and writings appeared in numerous publications including The New Yorker, Manchester Guardian, Listener, Sydney Morning Herald, Smith’s Weekly, Meanjin, Quadrant andNation.


He painted a number of murals and pioneered the use of vitreous enamels in Australia. He held exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and published a number of books including Around the World on an Old Age pension, in 1974.


Three Dogs 2012 by Bernard Hesling OAM

Three Dogs



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