Artists / Ken Thomson

(1909 – 1953) 

Thomson was an accomplished violinist who met the Meldrum family while working as a piano tuner during the depression. He was attracted to the family by their mutual love of music and soon formed a strong relationship with their younger daughter Elsa, a pianist, whom he married. Thomson had played the viola in the MSO however he resigned in 1941 to pursue a career as a solo violinist. His interests were many and varied and he took many informal lessons from Meldrum as he lived in the Meldrum home from the time of his marriage in 1941 until his early death at the age of 43. Encouraged by Meldrum and assisted by Ron Crawford and other Meldrum pupils, Thomson set up a framing business at 24 Belmont Avenue, Kew. Here he produced quality frames, well utilised by the Meldrum family and their associates. At age 42 he was diagnosed with cancer. During the last two years of his life he painted with a passion. The accuracy of the tones gives the true feeling of space that Meldrum sought to impart to his students.


Rickets Point 1940 by Ken Thomson

Rickets Point

oil on board


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