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Artist, printmaker, teacher, arts judge and mentor to many.


Renowned nationally and internationally for his depiction of the Australian landscape.

Jack was encouraged as a child by his father, who was an artist for the Victorian railways. He completed his first sketch book as an eight year old. As a student at Melbourne High  he decided to become a landscape artist, electing to study geography and geology as a knowledge of various aspects of the earth was invaluable for painting surface forms. He also attended night classes three nights a week and Saturday morning, and in 1942 topped the state in art studies. On leaving school as an eighteen year old he joined the RAAF. He was not an official World War 2 artist however his obvious talent meant he was employed as a cartographical draughtsman in New Guinea, Morotai and Borneo. During his time off he sketched and painted small works often sending the drawings back to Australia. Some of these were published. His collection of 500 war works is now held at the War Museum in Canberra. From 1948-1968 he worked as an instructor for the education department and 1956 founded the painting and printmaking departments at Caulfield Institute, now part of Monash University. In 1968 he retired from teaching to pursue a solo career as an artist. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of numerous awards.


In 1955 Jack was elected a member of the Australian watercolour Institute. In 1977 became an associate Member of the Royal Watercolour Society(RWS) London and in 1983 was the first Australian to gain full admission into the society. In 1987, in recognition of his services to art he was the member of the Order of Australia. That same year he was also awarded the medal of Honour of the American Biographical Institute.


The Breakaways (1995) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

The Breakaways (1995)

Woodcutters (1954) 1954 by Kenneth Jack

Woodcutters (1954)


Port of Erin (2002 KL) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

Port of Erin (2002 KL)

Church in the Cove - Cornwall (1999) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

Church in the Cove - Cornwall (1999)

Berringbooding Rock WA (1995) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

Berringbooding Rock WA (1995)

Old hunting lodge Blue Mountains (1999) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

Old hunting lodge Blue Mountains (1999)

Creek Crossing (1964) 2016 by Kenneth Jack

Creek Crossing (1964)