Exhibitions / Figures and Landscapes 2010-2013

18.07.2013 to 01.08.2013


Thursday 18 July 6-8pm

Figures and Landscapes 2010-2013 Exhibition Catalogue

Neil Wallace and Steffie Wallace have both been working artists for almost thirty years; Steffie as a landscape painter, and Neil as a figurative/landscape printmaker, photographer and more recently, painter. This exhibition is the culmination of pieces from 2010 to the present time and exemplifies the different work both artists are involved in.

Steffie's acrylic landscapes centre around the desert and the sea. She was recently chosen as a finalist for the Outback Prize which opens in Broken Hill In July 2013, and the selected painting is part of a collection of works painted for a group exhibition held in New York earlier this year.

Neil's prints and photographs reflect the urban settings of modern life, while his landscapes are mainly concerned with coastal observations in various locations.

More information about these artsits can be found in the artists section of this website and www.steffiewallacevisualart.com