Exhibitions / Jane Walker and Patrick Kan

16.10.2014 to 30.10.2014

An Exhibition of watercolour paintings, Chinese Calligraphy, Brush Paintings, Wood Carvings and Seal Carvings


Fine artist Jane Walker & Graphic Designer Patrick Kan have discussed the merits of a shared exhibition for many years. They paint together and share similar thoughts and ideas. Nature is their teacher.


The catalyst for this exhibition was a trip Jane took last April, sketch books in hand, to Vietnam and France. Images of magical Hay Long Bay with its limestone islands and islets in the North of Vietnam seemed to marry perfectly with Patrick’s Chinese calligraphy and fine carvings. 


Jane Walker obtained a diploma of fine Art at RMIT in 1965. She has had an extensive career not only as a fine artist but also as a children’s book illustrator. For 16 years she taught watercolour classes at the Council of Adult Education. When the opportunity became available she furthered her studies with Chinese and Vietnamese artists and Japanese calligraphers. She blended their techniques with her established art practice to create land and seascapes on rice paper.


Patrick Kan’s interest in art and nature were nurtured from childhood by his Chinese father who passionately educated his son about Chinese traditional art and love of nature. Kan studied commercial advertising, illustration and interior design in Hong Kong.  He furthered these studies with distinguished teacher Bo Shi-hang, honing his skills in sculpture and seal carvings. When he came to Melbourne in he commenced working as a self-employed artist in the advertising industry. He became known for his murals and window art, sign designs and wood carvings. ‘Looking at the world and nature as our teacher’ is his mantra.


This artistic collaboration between east and west is an exhibition first for both these artist. The power and purpose of their work lies in its depiction of the natural beauty that surrounds us all.

Blue Tipped Islands, Halong Bay